What started out as a hobby for an utility e-bike company, soon became the benchmark-setting e-bike in the speed-pedelec game. This street weapon features a 28 mph top speed, responsive torque-sensing pedal assist, premium hydraulic disc brakes and a Shimano 9-speed transmission. 

Every component has been optimized for the highest performance and reliability at the most affordable price possible. It's scientifically impossible to find a better value in this category of e-bike.

The CrossCurrent comes in 3 sizes and one step-thru geometry to fit every rider perfectly. Expandable 48 Volt battery options range from a svelte 7.8 Ah up to the incredible 21 Ah making it the largest battery capacity available for speed pedelecs, surpassing the 1,000 Watt-hour barrier. The CrossCurrent is backed by a solid 2 year warranty and a world-class customer support team. 

Starting from $1,499

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Our game-changing CrossCurrent goes cruis'n. The new wave of professionally designed and sport-tuned electric beach cruisers arrive with a huge splash.

The OceanCurrent comes standard with a fully proportional torque-based pedal assist system, a comfortable seating position, a balanced downtube battery and most importantly, classic cruiser style.

When the cruis'n is done, hit the SPORT assist mode and fly away at 24 mph. Expand the battery range up to an incredible 100 miles. Stopping duty is handled by reliable Shimano disc brakes. The OceanCurrent comes rear pannier rack ready with a step-thru version also available.

Starting from just $1,299 

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U500 Utility E-Bike

The e-bike that started it all is more refined than ever. The U500 includes a powerful 500W motor, 3-speed internally geared transmission and premium hydraulic disc brakes just to name a few of the many features. 

Up to 100 miles range on the massive 48V / 32Ah battery makes it the largest capacity available on the e-bike market by a large margin.

Payload capacity is over 400 lbs with tons of accessories ranging from baskets to passenger seating. Go where you never imagined on a bike and take all your stuff along for the ride. 

Starting from $1,999

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U350 Utility E-Bike

Our base level U350 e-bike is set to bring in a new group of customers into the world of utility e-bikes. 

We have shown with the U500 that e-bikes are useful and reliable car-replacement tools. Now we leverage our platform to make them affordable and infinitely upgradable. 

Components are carefully selected for maximum robustness and super low maintenance. The design and distribution down to the smallest detail is optimized for the new landscape of e-commerce + brick & mortar retail. 

Only $1,499

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