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Turning the Air into reality. See how we make every Juiced Bike. 





How did we bring to market a high performance e-bike, top level build quality, infinite upgradability, world class service, including real dealer support -all for direct-to-consumer crowd funded-like prices? The key is in careful design. Learn more below. 










How did you measure the crank speed so fast? We don't!  

It cleverly achieves this performance by measuring your cadence based on the fast moving rear sprocket rather than the slow moving front chainring where all traditional cadence disc are found. This measurement capability combined with the custom data-filtering software provides an incredibly smooth motor assist feel - all while keeping the price super affordable. 

On board, you will instantly notice how responsive the bike is compared to the laggy "old-school" cadence disc based pedal assist setups where you may have to turn the crank a few times to get the assistance or otherwise it can continue to pin the throttle long after you stop pedaling.

Choose what makes SENSE for you

When it's time to take your ride to the next level, upgrade to the Torque + Cadence sensor and experience a whole new world of e-bike performance previously reserved for elite e-bikes.  

The addition of the super precise strain gauge unlocks the system's ability to know not only how fast you are pedaling, but also exactly how hard. The system measures your actual leg power output at 1,000 times a second, dynamically amplifying your pedal effort in real time. 

The feeling matches and exceeds the effect experienced on the most premium bikes available today. This is due to the fact that with BOTH cadence and torque sensors active at the same time, you get the advantage of both types of sensors with none of the disadvantages. 

Upgrading the torque sensor involves 4 screws and is as basic as changing the tire. The ECU automatically recognizes the new component and adjusts the pedal assist settings. Brilliant! 

The CrossCurrent Air is the only e-bike on the market which allows you to upgrade from a cadence sensor to fully proportional torque-sensing technology as you take off on your e-bike adventure.



The pad is the same type used on the absolute top of the line, Tektro Dorado HD-E715 hydraulic disc brakes found on the standard CrossCurrent and also compatible with the CrossCurrent AIR. 

We have tested every disc brake available, from cheap generic mechanical disc brakes to high end multi piston hydraulic disc brake stoppers. When properly bed-in, the Shimano BR-M375's performance exceeds that of many hydraulic disc brake systems yet without the complexity, added weight and cost. 

Basically any system that has a higher performance is more expensive and any system that is cheaper has an inferior performance. This is the very definition of value - the central theme of the CrossCurrent Air. 







The Juiced Bikes "Current Series" of bikes have several  battery upgrade options. The stock battery is good for around 20-37 miles.  Extend your range with the 10.4 Ah battery upgrade. Take your commute to the next level with the 78 Cell 17.4 Ah pack.  

Go to the max with the Juiced Bikes exclusive 21.0 Ah Hyper Extended Range Pack - by far the largest and most revolutionary battery packs available on the market for this category of e-bike. The 78 Cell downtube battery's core pack has been testing in the field for over 3 years. It is in fact the same one found in our ODK Utility E-bikes! There is no production e-bike even coming close. 


Upgrade anytime as all "Current Series" packs are compatible on the same down-tube battery system. We have a battery upgrade buyback program when you are ready to jump to the larger battery size.







Get started right

The ambidextrous thumb throttle option lets you dictate the speed. Travel at 20 mph without pedaling, use the pedal assist to continue to 28 mph. Its up to you. With a properly tuned pedal assist sensor a throttle is not needed, but it great to have this option for taking off from stop lights in the wrong gear or when you are just a little too tired to pedal. 

All with a few lines of code

With most basic pedal assist systems, the throttle overrides the pedal sensor or vice-versa. The result is jerky and un-expected results when both the throttle and pedal assist are used at the same time. The CrossCurrent e-bikes have special algorithms designed to compare in real-time the effect of each sensor. The stronger signal effect will be allowed to control the motor. This loop runs very fast and to the rider, the pedal assist and throttle work seamlessly and intuitively together. Why aren't all e-bikes made like this? We are not sure, its just a few lines of code. 

AIR Traffic Controller 

The e-bike laws are confusing and changing all the time. So we have designed our motor controller (ECU) to adapt to ALL the many regulations. Run with or without a throttle. The bike can adapt to U.S.A Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3 (28 mph) and Euro 25 km/h and S-Pedelec modes without any complicated servicing or dealer re-programming. 





We were sure to include mounts for a rear rack, front/rear fenders, water bottle cage and front frame mounted rack. You can use a center-mount or rear chain-stay mounted kickstand. Standard 27.2 mm seat tube gives you the option to use a suspension seat post without an adapter. Front basket frame mounts arrive on production units starting January 2017.




We have selected a 9-Speed Shimano Cassette system rather than the lower-end freewheel setup. This requires the cassette-compatible motor, 9 speed cassette cluster, 9 speed shifter and 9 speed derailleur.  

The point of all these built-in upgrades is to improve ride quality. The modern cassette standard provides crisper gear changes and offer a higher quality feel with each pedal stroke. Additionally we can achieve a wider gear range demanded by the faster Class 3 e-bikes. This little detail unlocks your ability to pedal comfortably at any speed. 

Care is taken to make sure the bike's geometry can achieve smooth shifts. We even made sure that our massive 56T (optional) front chainring can fit without touching the chain stay.


The CrossCurrent Air features nimble 700 x 45C bicycle tires. The 700c wheels size is perfect for high speed e-bikes. The larger tire diameter rolls smoothy over bumpy road surfaces and retains a bike-like ride quality.  700C wheel size gives you the ability to select from a wide range of tires. 

For added performance we have selected Kenda 1088 E-bike rated tires with more tread and durability for higher performance. Choose comfort or speed with maximum pressure up to 85 psi rating. High pressure rim strip and heavy duty 12G rear spokes round out this amazing wheel set.  







Designed to be supported

World class support starts with a fundamentally sound design. Our bikes are designed with hidden features to provide easy inspection and identification of issues. We target a 10 min swap time for any part on our utility e-bike and verify with timed trials. 

The cables, running externally can be easily accessed. Parts are clearly laid out and easy to understand. The electronics system uses non-proprietary and easily sourced parts to insure your bike will be running many years down the road. 

Parts Availability: The hard part

We have deep parts availability down to every screw. Hyper fast parts shipping with Amazon Fulfillment Service. Our World Class tech support and online documentation sets the standard for the utility e-bike industry and now we bring this culture to the Sport E-Bike category. 







Professionally Engineered and Manufactured

Rather than market bikes assembled from off-the-shelf supplier's parts, Juiced Bikes has developed deep cooperation with the leading e-bike companies to design, engineer and manufacture innovative e-bike products.  

Partnering with Luyuan E-Vehicle, one of the top e-vehicle manufactures with over 1.5 million units sold every year, we have created a High Performance E-bike Division focusing on lithium powered pedal assist e-bikes for international and domestic markets. With the experience of over 90 engineers and technicians, we plan to make a significant impact in the new lightweight e-vehicle market. 

Our line of utility e-bikes are engineered and tested to the highest standards demanded by e-scooters and small electric motorcycles. We put our Current Series of e-bikes through the same boot camp on the way to production. 


Testing, Testing and more Testing

The e-bike technology at the moment is in constant flux. The challenge is to bring a product to market before it is obsolete. To achieve this feat and bring the cost to an affordable level, we must first make early identification of promising new technologies then test the hell out of them as fast as possible. 

This way we can quickly understand the dynamics of implementing a new technology and get a grip of how the service will be handled. Our in-house testing facility is constantly testing in-production parts, testing pre-production parts and testing upcoming experimental parts developed buy our suppliers and ourselves. 

We build test rigs and custom production tools in our massive in-house machine shop. Some test equipment exceed the performance capability of the suppliers who initially developed the part. In this way, we bring the best products to the market at an affordable price while helping to accelerate this green e-bike technology for the entire industry. 

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