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The benchmark is set.

Juiced Riders is well known for creating solid and reliable utility e-bikes used as true car replacement vehicles. The ODK series of Utility e-bikes have dominated the segment while being nominated as E-bike of the Year at Interbike 2015. Now our new Cross Current sets the benchmark in the sporty, high speed e-bike category. 


Solid Platform

The CrossCurrent is designed on a fundamentally sound 700c aluminum bicycle frame with an integrated down tube battery pack. Every part is carefully designed, engineered and manufactured to the "Juiced" standard.


Sporty Performance

The CrossCurrent is all about sporty performance. We have designed the bike for maximum performance, minimum weight while maintaining an affordable price.



Speed Pedelec: 28mph Top Speed
It all starts with the new classification of e-bikes. While traditional e-bikes are limited to 20mph, Speed Pedelecs or S-pedelecs can go up to 28mph using pedal torque-sensing technology. 

Intuitive Control System
With this type of e-bike, there is no twist throttle. The bike uses a torque sensor to measure the rider's exact pedal effort 1000 times a second and deliver proportional motor assistance up to 28mph. The sensation is incredible. Your every stroke is amplified unlike any vehicle you have ever ridden.



Fully Street-Legal
This type of e-bike is street legal and can be used on bike paths and bike lanes. Additionally no license, insurance or registration is needed as it is not considered a "motor vehicle" by law.





Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Power is nothing without stopping power. At high speeds, the ability to slow down rapidly is critical. We use the highest performance hydraulic disc brakes designed specifically for 45km/h (28mph) electric bicycles. Self-adjusting pads provide fiddle-free performance. 


48 Volt Integrated Battery Pack

While most bikes use the 36 Volt system, all of our bikes are based on a 48 Volt system. The higher voltage allows our bikes to run at a lower amperage to achieve the same power output. This strategy provides many advantages in terms of reliability and battery lifespan. The downtube battery platform provides slick intergration with the bike's frame.

Multiple Battery Options
The CrossCurrent has three 48 Volt battery options to suit your needs. The standard 7.8 Amp-Hour battery gives you the perfect balance between range and weight. Extend your ride with the optional 10.4 Amp-Hour pack or go to the max with the incredible 23.4 Amp-Hour pack. Juiced Riders is again pushing the e-bike industry by offering the largest capacity battery for this class of e-bike.


Average range at 15 Wh per mile traveled.

Samsung 18650 Lithium Cell 
The industry has quickly standardized around the 18650 cell size. It is effectively a beefed up "AA" sized battery, but rechargeable. The advantage is that the cells are modular and can be configured in different ways depending on the application. They are used in everything from flashlights to electric cars. Commoditization has driven down the cost significantly. We only use high quality Samsung cells. 


Shimano Transmission With High Ratio Gearing
Special attention is paid to the transmission as e-bikes can move at higher speeds than normal bikes. A 52T front chain ring and 11T rear sprocket insures that you will not "hamster wheel" at high speeds. 


Simplified Control System
We have designed a very simple interface that only does exactly what you need. Turn the bike on, select the assist level and enjoy the ride.

Dial In Your Boost
There are 5 modes of pedal assist ranging from ECO mode for maximum range to SPORT mode for maximum speed. 

ECO Mode
The eco mode just provides enough boost to cancel out the added weight of the bike. Use this mode to achieve maximum range or when riding with other unassisted cyclist. 

Levels 1, 2 and 3 
Levels 1-3 provide increasingly powerful pedal assistance with speed ranging from 15mph to 24mph. 

Sport Mode
Sport mode is custom tuned for a more athletic performance up to 28 mph top speed and 700W peak assistance. Jump to SPORT mode while in any other setting when you feel the need for speed.


Dynamic Assistance
Most e-bikes randomly boost you at the wrong times, wasting energy while making for an awkward ride. With the use of a sensitive torque sensor and the careful study of human pedaling power, we have crafted an athletic feeling e-bike that is able to rapidly spin up to top speed yet easy to ride at lower speeds.

The motor assistance in the SPORT mode is more controllable at certain speeds where the rider is naturally stronger. The boost increases as the bike's speed increases past the point where aerodynamic drag forces can overwhelm the rider. The result is maximum fun while using the battery as efficiently as possible. 


Suspension Fork with Hydraulic Lock-out Function
Even a smooth looking road could be bumpy at high speeds. We use a quality suspension fork that can be locked out hydraulically with a flip of a switch. Lock out the fork for efficient pedaling, flick on the suspension when things get bumpy. The adjustable suspension can be tuned to your weight and riding preference.


E-Bike Rated Tires
The CrossCurrent fits normal 700c bicycle tires, but for added performance we have selected e-bike rated tires with more tread and ability to withstand higher tire pressures.


Easy Servicing and Upgradability
Gone are the days of difficult to service e-bikes. We have designed a modular electronics system with reliability and serviceability as the top priority. 

Full Parts Support
There are only 6 major parts which are "plug-and-go" compatible. The waterproof connections are impossible to mix up. We have made every part available online with upgrades planned for future.



Technical Specifications