E-Bike Family - The Documentary (Part 1)

Video runtime: 35:34 / Photos: 180


In Part 1 of the video documentary, I head to Shanghai to help Justin Lemire-Elmore over at Ebike.ca/Grin Tech with his parts suppliers before meeting up with my team in Part 2. It was an epic journey through China where we visit the The Controller Garage, The Nine Continent Factory and later spend a little time in Shanghai.

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Sec 1: Introduction and The Controller Garage
Video runtime: 12:29 / Photos: 60

After arriving in Shanghai, Justin and the driver took me to the outskirts of town where “home base” will be for the next few days. Early the next morning, we head to Jiaxing to meet with Mr. Ji. His small workshop does modifications on controllers. Later we visit one of Mr. Ji’s friends who runs a electric scooter factory.

Photos: 60


Sec 2: The Ninth Continent
Video runtime: 13:03 / Photos: 60

To get to Wenling, our only option is to take the bus. Sunny, the sales rep for the Nine Continent Motor Factory picks us up from the bus terminal. We grab a quick lunch before touring the factory. We take the train back to Shanghai the next day.

Photos: 60


Sec 3: Day and Night Shifts
Video runtime: 10:37 / Photos: 60

We take the morning to shop for some tools. After lunch we jump on some e-bikes and explore the neighborhood. In the evening we go into the city to meet some friends and check out the night life.

Photos: 60 


E-Bike Family - The Documentary (Part 2)

Video runtime: 43:15

In Part II, I joined up with my team to check up on some suppliers. Over the next few days, we visited the battery, frame, motor, and enclosure factories. Later we went to the final assembly factory to make a pre-production sample.