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Upright Riding Position
New technology brings new possibilities.

For years the bicycle industry has sold us uncomfortable bicycles for races that weren't racing. With the arrival of reliable electric-assist systems, you can see the world again from a comfortable upright seating position. Go places you never imagined and take your stuff along too.

ODK U500 Electric Bicycle
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Super Extended Range
Real utility demands a big battery.

The unkept secret to achieving longer range is to use a bigger battery. The double sized battery pack achieves 30 miles (48 km) at full throttle without pedaling. Pedal along with the motor to go over 50 miles (80 km) on level ground. The lightweight lithium battery adds less than 15 pounds (6.5 kg) and recharges in just hours for around 10 cents worth of electricity.


Low Step-Through
Getting on should be the easiest part.

The super low step-through design makes it easy to get on and off the bike. Twenty-inch wheels lower the center of mass to help stabilize payload. An oversized aluminum frame with fully integrated rack makes for a light and solid ride. The result is the perfect balance between utility and compactness.

Powerful Electric Motor
This thing hauls. 

You control everything with a twist of the throttle. The 500-Watt geared hub motor quietly flattens hills and boosts you up to 18 mph (29 km/h) on level ground. Automatic freewheeling clutch makes it easy to ride with the motor off. Weighing less than 10 pounds (4.5 kg), the entire motor fits neatly inside the rear wheel.

Matched Gearing, Tuned Ride
No hamster wheeling. 

The smaller wheel size makes for a more nimble handling bicycle. A huge 53 T front and 12 T rear sprocket gives the same easy pedaling cadence as the big wheeled bicycle. Flick through the 7-Speed Shimano twist shift and find the gear that matches your ability.



Stopping Power and Safety
Stop on a dime. 

What’s more important than speeding up is slowing down. Mechanical disc brakes are easy to service and provide powerful stopping power under any condition. Optional cut-off system shuts off the throttle at the moment the brakes are applied.

Convenient Commuter 

Includes everything, practically.

The included chain guard and mud guards keep the dirt on the ground. The kickstand is convenient for normal situations, but an additional center-stand helps balance heavier loads. A chain tensioner manages the longer chain. The rust-proof aluminum frame increases service life of the bicycle. Liquid sealant stops air leakage in event of tire puncture. LED lights help you stay visible in the nights.

About Electric bicycles: 

In most locations Electric bicycles are “street-legal.” With a maximum motor-only speed of 20 mph, they are classified like regular bicycles and have no restrictions on bike paths. In this way, electric bicycles usually do not require insurance, a license, or registration. Providing nearly silent operation and no fumes, electric bicycles are the perfect alternative to the automobile for trips around town. Check with your local regulations before operating an electric bicycle. 


ODK Utility Bicycle
More function, less space.  

The ODK project is not just about e-bikes, it is about efficient transportation solutions that fit into the modern lifestyle. Simple, versatile, affordable, and easy-to-use. The ODK Utility Bicycle shares the same robust aluminum frame as the ODK U500 Electric Bicycle. The integrated extended rack combined with the 20" wheels provide a solid platform for carrying loads - under your own power!

ODK Utility Bicycle
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Gallery Background Video Documentary 



In 2005 I tried an electric bicycle during a trip to China. They seemed heavy, slow and a bit of a novelty. However, I noticed that e-bikes had a transformative effect on their lifestyle. 

It was not until 2008 that I decided to convert a bicycle to electric using a basic kit. As soon as I took a ride, it was clear that the e-bike was a great way to get around. However, there were many shortcomings, such as range, storage capacity, cost, battery placement, and complicated setup to name a few. 

Normal bicycle frames are not made to handle the added weight of e-bike components. As soon as I attempted to use the e-bike to commute instead of a car, the range and limited carrying capacity became an issue. A proper e-bike needs to be robust,  have long range, be easy-to-use, and not cost a fortune. That product did not exist. 

I needed to build it. 

The e-bike required a total rethink. Every step from getting on the bike to recharging the battery must to be easier, Much easier. The price for a bike also needed to stay within a range that people could afford.  

This turned out to be a difficult problem to solve and the process took me on a journey around the world and back. It took over three years of obsessive work to go from a sketch to a finalized product that was ready to ship. The result is a fun and useful e-bike, using proven technology and offered at a price that makes sense. 

Tora Harris
Founder Juiced Riders Inc.

E-mail, Twittermoretora.com

E-Bike Family 

Inspired by the film “Manufactured Landscapes” , the 43-minute movie is an intense look behind scenes at the manufacturing process in China.

Part I: 35:34

Part II: 43:15


 Sec 1: Intro and Controller Garage (12:29)


Sec 2: The Ninth Continent (13:03)


Sec 3: Day and Night Shift (10:37)


Sec 1: Battery Factory Visit (6:37)


Sec 2: Frame and Bafang Motor Factories (13:23)


Sec 3: Battery Enclosure Factory (6:44)


Sec 4: Pre-Production E-Bike Build (10:16)


Sec 5: Pre-Production E-bike Testing (6:30)


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