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Low Step-through Design

Raising the bar - by lowering it again.

Boarding your bike is super easy thanks to the even lower step-through design. The stretched 20-inch BMX style wheel platform keeps the weight low, making payloads much easier to handle. Traditional 26-inch bicycle wheels loose their easier-pedaling advantage with the addition of the electric motor. The ODK is the perfect balance between utility, compactness and ride handling. 



Upright Seating Position

Unbelievably comfortable.

Safety and comfort is all about sitting upright. The electric assist system allows you to break free from the sporty riding posture and gives you a clear view of your surroundings. The new frame geometry has been improved for a more comfortable ride and better steering control. The minimum seat height is lower to accommodate more riders. 


Versatile Utility Rack

Rack up the miles.

Careful consideration has been given to the design of the fully integrated rear rack. Instead of relying on bolt-on racks, the ODK's rack is actually part of the frame. The upper deck structure is all one piece, locked in place by six weld points for maximum rigidity. The rack is specifically designed to accept the award-winning Dutch designed GMG Yepp Maxi child seat using the Easyfit adaptor.


The low deck height and standard mounting slots allow infinite possibilities for your payload. Offset side-rails provide compatibility for most standard pannier bags. Generous 330 pounds total loading capacity makes a solid carrying platform for all of your stuff. 

Great Commuter Accessories

Get down to Business.

A car-replacement bicycle needs commuter-grade accessories. Standard key accessories include a chain cover and mud guards so you to arrive as clean as you departed. A comfortable seat with soft cushioning is provided for longer rides. Check out the list of standard accessories critical for daily commuting.  


  • Mud Guard
  • Chain Guard
  • Wide Comfortable Saddle
  • Quick release seat post
  • Lock-on Grips 
  • Platform Pedals
  • Durable high profile tires
  • Adjustable side kickstand  
    (optional Ursus Jumbo center stand)  


A simple one button interface comes with cruise control standard. Dial in your throttle and hit the cruise to maintain your speed. Pedal normally along to extend the battery range or dial back the assistance to get a greater workout. A brake cutoff safety feature shuts the throttle completely when brakes are applied. The fail-safe system allows the bike to run with the display panel disconnected.

ODK Overview   |   Features    Performance     Gallery     Tech Spec