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Industry Leading Battery Range

Experience Range Relaxation.

Say goodbye to range anxiety thanks to the standard 48 Volt, 15 Amp-hour battery. The benchmark is set for e-bike range and power. The new pack is equivalent to a 36V, 20Ah battery, which is nearly twice the size found on most e-bikes and 11% larger than the previous ODK. The 720 watt-hour Lithium battery can deliver over 40 miles on a single charge even without pedaling. A recharge takes between 1 and 6 hours using a normal outlet and cost less than 15 cents of electricity per charge.



Strength in numbers

Battery packs are composed of multiple smaller cells. Larger packs have more cells, so each cell is less stressed for a given power output. This will help to increase the overall lifespan of the battery. Small battery packs get frequently deep-discharged on normal rides, speeding up the degradation of your lithium battery's capacity and will result in more frequent pack replacements. A larger battery pack relative to the motor size will reduce this capacity downward spiral as it is not often fully discharged. 


Having the best of both worlds

Unlike with 36 Volt packs, 48 Volts means you don't have to choose between speed or hill climbing torque. The higher voltage allows for strong pulling power while still able to reach the maximum legal speed of 20 mph. Keep up with city traffic and accelerate quickly when needed.


Full metal jacket

With the second generation of the ODK, we wanted to step back and refocus the job of the battery pack. The new battery is now protected in a custom aluminum extrusion with machined endplates. This is a serious step up from creaky plastic enclosures found on most leisure-class e-bikes. An aircraft-grade locking discharge connector ensures a solid connection even over bumps. The rear mounted charge port makes plugging and unplugging the charger much easier than side mounted setups. A 4-pin charge connector prevents mix-ups with 36V, 3-pin systems. The pack is six-point mounted low to the frame and easily serviced with basic tools. The result is a quiet and connected ride unlike any other e-bike.



Silent 500 Watt Motor

True balance of power.

Big hills disappear when faced with the powerful yet reliable 500-Watt geared hub motor. Like in a car, the front motor position gives better weight balance especially when the rear rack is loaded.

Advanced power management reduces wheel spin during rapid accelerations. Tire changes are simplified with a new quick connector cable. 

Pulling out all the stops. 

The powerful 180mm front disk brake brings the bike to a rapid stop under any condition. Adjustment of both inside and outside brake pads can be made without any tools.

Accessible controller

The reliable, sensorless controller is easily accessible and plugs in with only three waterproof quick connectors. Upgrade the controller for more aggressive throttle response or extract performance beyond the stock setup. 


Internal Shifter

Change comes from within.

The Shimano Nexus 3- speed internal transmission provides low maintenance shifting. Unlike fussy derailleur setups, internal Gears can be shifted at all times, even when standing still. This is a critical feature especially when starting and stopping with extra payloads. The gears are housed inside the rear hub, protected from the elements.





Quality Components

Durability = Reliability

Electric bicycles will travel many more miles than regular bicycles, so components must be up to the task. Heavy-duty 20'' electric bike spec tires are mounted to double-walled rims. The inner-tubes are 4x the normal thickness for maximum puncture protection. The motor is laced with tough 12-gauge spokes. All parts have been chosen to for maximum durability.   

ODK Overview   |   Features    Performance     Gallery     Tech Spec