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In 2005 I tried an electric bicycle during a trip to China. They seemed heavy, slow and a bit of a novelty. However, e-bikes had a transformative effect on their lifestyle. 

It was not until 2008 that I decided to convert a bicycle to electric using a basic kit. As soon as I took a ride, it was clear that the e-bike was a great way to get around. However, there were many shortcomings, such as range, storage capacity, cost, battery placement, and complicated setup to name a few. 

Normal bicycle frames are not made to handle the added weight of e-bike components. As soon as I attempted to use the e-bike to commute instead of a car, the range and limited carrying capacity became an issue. A proper e-bike needs to be robust,  have long range, be easy-to-use, and not cost a fortune. That product did not exist. 

I needed to build it. 

The e-bike required a total rethink. Every step from getting on the bike to recharging the battery must to be easier, Much easier. The price for a bike also needed to stay within a range that people could afford.  

This turned out to be a difficult problem to solve and the process took me on a journey around the world and back. It took over three years of obsessive work to go from a sketch to a finalized product that was ready to ship. The result is a fun and useful e-bike, using proven technology and offered at a price that makes sense. 

Tora Harris
Founder Juiced Riders Inc.

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E-Bike Family 

Inspired by the film “Manufactured Landscapes” , the 43-minute movie is an intense look behind scenes at the manufacturing process in China.

Watch each shorter section individually.

Part I: 35:34

Part II: 43:15