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CrossCurrent AIRs on the way!

We had a little delay, but now the CrossCurrent AIRs are on the way! The bikes came out amazingly well and lighter than our design targets. Easily one of the lightest Class 3 e-bike available at 48 lbs. 

12 truckloads of various differnt e-bikes left the factory today. This shipment of AIRs and OceanCurrents was the very last one that finished loading at 10pm in the frigid cold. Now all of China is on the New Year's Holiday for 2-3 weeks.   

A limited number of Super Extended Range packs are aboard so if any Pre-orders want to change to the 17.4 Ah packs, we need to know ASAP!

The Panasonic 17.4Ah packs have double the range as the standard pack.  

Learn more here 

Now taking orders for the next production run to arrive in March-April.

Order now for just $1,095


Thank you for your patience!

Now some Pictures!

No BS!

Slightly Late, but delivered as promised and with Super Extended Range Pack availability!