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HyperFat 1000 Production Update: Try Harder

All of the HF1000 Founders Series frames got remade. We were not happy with the frame performance and just scrapped the entire batch of frames and started over. The new frames are much stronger and more capable of standing up to the powerful 1,000 Watt motor. We lab tested the frame with 33% more load and 4x more load cycles than what is necessary for production and it easily passed.   

On these series of rides we are testing the frame and more importantly the 12T motor setup which we have not much time to run. The 12T motor has more torque at the expense of top speed. You can definitely can feel the additional torque and top speed is slightly lower, but still incredible performance especially when you factor in the massive tires. 

The bike far exceeds any pedal-assist e-bike I have tried. It is just on a whole different level. Much beyond this power level and we are moving towards e-motorcycle territory where human input is not helping the motor too much unless you are incredibly strong. At the top speeds, moving your head down a few inches has more of an effect than pedaling harder. 

The bike is fun to ride an you get an amazing workout in a short amount of time which is counter-intuitive. The feeling is like flying on the ground and 30 mph does not feel too intimidating once you get used to the speed. The big tires are very stable and you are not too concerned about the bumps. Maybe that is the advantage of the big ties beyond the "wow" factor. 

The bike shown is nearly 100% stock with production-sourced parts without any special modifications. We did not have time to paint the frame and just needed to get testing as the project is very behind, but the frames will be painted black. All of the frames have been sent out to be painted already. We are running the 48V / 21Ah pack and the controller set to “off road” mode so the speed is not limited. This "Andi Zoo" run is mostly level ground. The frame that is shown is XL.

We are scheduling the assembly for after the holiday. Here in China it is something like the 4th of July week. So we will loose a few days. We will have updates from the assembly once things get underway. We are not taking any new orders until the initial batch of bikes ship which is estimated to be sometime in November.

Getting on the bus in the sky. It's a long commute. 

Massive Shanghai train station. You have to walk all the way to the center to see which track your train will arrive as the track display screens are tiny.  

The train is fast, but you get used to it and just want it to go faster... like everything else. 


Arriving a the factory. HF's materials collecting dust at the back of the line as we wait for the new frames. 



Swinging over to the frame factory. There is a new manager and things are running much more smoothly. 


New HFs getting welded up.  


Some are back from heat treatment.  



We pull a sample for closer inspection and testing. This one is going to to the Fight Club. 


Checking out the welds on the frame.


The production standard test for e-bikes is 75kg for 160,000 cycles. We raised the standard for the HF project to to 100kg at 600,000 cycles. The new frames can pass. 


Everything fits as expected. It's real. 

Swing over to the paint factory and check the frames again before giving the go-ahead to paint. 



Not happy with the stainless-steel anti-turn washers and they got remade. 

Testing temperature limits of some new components. The development process never stops. 

We have a little time to test the 12T motor. 


Custom dual LED spot/wide beam is perfect light, in daytime people respect your space when they see the light coming. 



Christmas under my des: Testing and benchmarking every 1,000W system available. The 1,000W torque sensored power system is the holy grail of pedal assist e-bikes. The HF will be the first e-bike to deliver this experience. 



How did the industry arrive to such ridiculous sized tires? We have been trying to find the answer. 



Another unit is testing the 9T and some other parts. The nice thing in China is if you get a flat tire, just wait around and an electric tricycle can take you back home. 



Field testing: Stopping to snap a picture. The bikes looks nice without all the silly graphics that get stuck on bikes these days. 


Let's Ride!!

Ride Stats: