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HyperFat 1000 Watt E-Bike: Custom Wire Harness

One of the problems we encountered with building the HyperFat is the motor cable. The 1000 Watt MAC motor uses an external speed sensor while the Bafang uses the internal speed sensor. The MAC also has a temperature sensor and the result is more wires needed for the motor. 

Also there are a few additional cables for the speed sensor and LED lights etc. To give the bike a professional look we needed to make some custom wire harnesses. For such a small batch of totally custom cables we needed to call on a favor or two to pull it off.  

 Coordinating cable lengths with various suppliers


The cables are mocked up on the bike and then drawings are made for the cable supplier to follow. Once the cables are made they are separated out and sent to the various suppliers for installation onto each part. 

In this case we send the unterminated cables out to the Brake Supplier, Motor Supplier, Display Supplier, Controller Supplier and Torque Sensor Supplier. They solder the wires onto the parts and then send them to final assembly. Like a jigsaw puzzle, everything should go back together and look clean when installed on the bike. 

Unfortunately it is never the case that we get things perfect on the first go. It's just too many factors to align perfectly, so we iterate and eventually the wires appear more and more orderly.