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Quick Update on the HyperFat Founders Series

First off sorry for the massive delay on this product. It has been quite difficult to get these bikes out. We have all the parts for all the Founders Series bikes ordered and sitting at the factory, but one part we requested to be reworked before assembly. This is very disappointing, but we will only let the bikes be release correctly. 

It is not 100% sure the exact date of completion. We are targeting September assembly and can deliver the bikes before the end of Nov. I am going back to the factory next week to check the status and solidify timeframes. 

We understand some people cannot wait or want the refund. This is totally understandable. We will give the 100% refund to you and hold your place on the order anyway. We will also suspend additional pre-ordering until we get all the over 100 FS-HF shipped as we now have enough parts to make every pre-order. 

Anyway we got already a small shipment of the final specification HF units which can be tested at our facility in San Diego but not sold as we wait for re-worked parts. The performance can reach the targets promised and it is quite impressive.

Just let us know if you want to try it and are in the area and bring a helmet. We will also do some other test ride events once the bikes start shipping. Things will go much smoother once we get over all the hurdles and bottlenecks resolved. Thank you for your patience so far.