Court from checks out the CrossCurrent Step-Thru

Court from checks out the CrossCurrent Step-Thru. He also has a good chat with our founder Tora Harris about bikes and records some interesting insights about why and how the bikes are made. 


CrossCurrent AIRs on the way!

We had a little delay, but now the CrossCurrent AIRs are on the way! The bikes came out amazingly well and lighter than our design targets. Easily one of the lightest Class 3 e-bike available at 48 lbs. 

12 truckloads of various differnt e-bikes left the factory today. This shipment of AIRs and OceanCurrents was the very last one that finished loading at 10pm in the frigid cold. Now all of China is on the New Year's Holiday for 2-3 weeks.   

A limited number of Super Extended Range packs are aboard so if any Pre-orders want to change to the 17.4 Ah packs, we need to know ASAP!

The Panasonic 17.4Ah packs have double the range as the standard pack.  

Learn more here 

Now taking orders for the next production run to arrive in March-April.

Order now for just $1,095


Thank you for your patience!

Now some Pictures!

No BS!

Slightly Late, but delivered as promised and with Super Extended Range Pack availability! 


Juiced Update 10: CrossCurrent AIR's frames get welds, OceanCurrents finishing up paint

The CrossCurrent AIR's frame is getting welded. Since it is very closely based on the CrossCurrent, making them is relatively straightforward and fast. I have a little bit of time to discuss some details with the production manager and also check up on some sample frames. At the paint factory just down the road, OceanCurrents get some colorful paint and removable decals. These are going to be some really fun bikes. I wonder how long before they get knocked off?


Juiced Update 008: Juiced Update 8: Christmas in China, getting FAT, loading containers and more 

Christmas in China is getting more and more popular. We open the week running flat out. We swing over to the frame factory to check out the CrossCurrent AIRs, OceanCurrent forks and the awesome new FAT bike prototype. We also continue working a little more on the 21 Ah battery and other new packs. Back at the factory we load two more containers heading to the USA. Later we do some trial assembly of the OceanCurrent in prepration for the first mass production.


Checking up on the game-changing 48V / 21Ah e-bike battery pack

In order to go far or go fast, you need a huge battery pack. There is no way around this. Such a integrated pack for production bikes does not exist. So we have to design and manufacture our own cases, plastic parts and even frame tubes. It takes a lot of coordination with all the suppliers, but the end result is game changing.


Juiced Update 6: Getting new 3D printers for the new design studio 

I run over to Hangzho to take delivery and get some training on some big 3D printers for the new design studio. The big printers barely fit through the door.


Juiced Update 5: Packing up the e-bikes 

Packing up the e-bikes. After the bikes are tested, they are packed in a box with our custom foam inserts. The boxes are moved to the staging area as we prepare for the containers to arrive for loading.


Juiced Update 3 : TGIF and little bit of everything

The morning started with some design work in the office on some 2017 and 2018 bikes. Some new sample parts got checked and documented. A quick check of the assembly line and then it was running around to some local suppliers after lunch.

Juiced Update 3 - TGIF and little bit of everything: The morning started with some design work in the office on some 2017 and 2018 bikes. Some new sample parts got checked and documented. A quick check of the assembly line and then it was running around to some local suppliers after lunch.


Juiced Update 2: Arriving at the e-bike factory 

Juiced Update 2 - Arriving at the e-bike factory. Having a quick look at how this production of CrossCurrents are doing. Later swing by the office to get back setup for non-stop work before the Chinese New year.


Juiced Update 1: Heading back to the e-bike factory 

Heading back to the e-bike factory to check on the productions and new products. So apparently people want to see how the sausage is made. Here you go.


Full review of our ODK Utility E-Bikes by

Court of and Sam and over at Electric Bicycle Center in Fullerton, CA go over the U500 E-bike in full detail. 


CrossCurrents make their way off the assembly line

CrossCurrent 1.1's are being assembled, tested, boxed and soon headed to the USA. We will soon make a update about the new bikes and confirm all pre-orders. Thanks for your patience!



Testing a production-build CrossCurrent E-bike to the 28 mph top speed!

Running a production-parts build of the CrossCurrent in the field. The arriving supplier's parts are inspected as they arrive. We built a few units to make sure everything goes together as planned. All I can say is this thing is an absolute street weapon!



We started production on the CrossCurrent frames



Throttle or no Throttle? The Solution: Adapt!

The Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent is a Class 3 e-bike that takes advantage of the new CA law which allows electric assisted boost up to 28mph if the throttle is NOT used. I don't think people yet understand how ridiculously awesome that new law is for e-bikes in the USA.

A little backstory: 

At Juiced, we believe true "pedal assist" can only be achieved with a proper torque sensor AND speed sensor. The CrossCurrent (internally known as the "LCC") started out as a platform for us to quickly test various different torque sensors for our ODK Utility e-bikes. It soon became our go-to weekend toy with the ability to blast around at 30 mph while truly getting a stress-relieving workout which is counter-intuitive, but absolutely real. 

Then there was a rumor of a new law that would allow up to 28 mph top speed if the throttle was NOT used. Suddenly the CrossCurrent went from a "tool" to a product worth going into production.

We know that some states have yet to allow "class 3" e-bikes and have limits of 20 mph. In developing the CC platform we have taken into consideration any possible eventuality which politicians might throw at us. 

Our entry into this new e-bike category has multiple control interfaces which can run in Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3 modes without hacking the bike which would make it impossible for us to warranty the product. 

 Production displays with and without SPORT mode


Here is how it works: 

Class 3: 28 mph limit with pedal assist

- The CC comes standard in this configuration, it can achieve 28mph with torque-based pedal assist as the battery is already 48 V and we use a speed-winding motor. 

Class 2: 20 mph limit with throttle and pedal assist

- The CC has the ability to use the throttle with an optional wire harness and a half-twist throttle. The controller automatically recognizes the throttle and the limit is put at 20 mph. You still have butter-smooth torque-based pedal assist up to 20 mph. 

Class 1: 20 mph limit with pedal assist

- We have developed a display which will be ready at launch that does not have the SPORT mode. Basically you just easily swap out the display and boom... the bike goes from Class 3 to Class 1. The controller automatically recognizes the Class 1 display and the speed limit is set to 20 mph with pedal assist only.

So to recap: 

The CrossCurrent ships as a Class 3 e-bike with 28 mph top speed right out of the box - which is what everyone wants anyway. You will have the option to get a Class 1 display and/or a throttle, but the limit by law must be then set to 20 mph as long as the Class 1 display is used. 


Juiced Bikes online shop goes live!